All levels and types of sports teams deal with the phenomenon of winning and losing. There are stories about how some teams just seem to win or lose all the time. Often, success in sports is directly related to the amount of internal motivation the team possesses.

A lack of motivation will be visible in a lackluster performance. Conversely, a heavily motivated team will pull out tough games, or win when they are deemed the underdog. Here are two important tips on how to best motivate a sports team to achieve success.


Instilling a Winning Attitude

Much is made of instilling a winning attitude in players. The greatest coaches of all-time have each possessed an innate ability to somehow ignite a fire under their players. There’s also some sense that winning is contagious.

Winners seem to have an ability to keep on winning. At the highest levels of sports competition, it’s referred to as the killer instinct. At different levels of competition, coaches will frequently accept a game or match against an obviously inferior opponent.

While this theory may not produce the benefits of playing against a worthy opponent, it usually ends up in a victory. This can help teams that have been stuck in a losing mentality. Coaches and players alike can also promote a positive attitude in the locker room.

Even after a defeat, successful managers and team leaders will strive to find in-game positives to help to motivate their team. Losing is never the objective, but when teams dissect a loss by finding positives to build upon, it can often help to instill an attitude of winning.


Success is Made on the Practice Field

There is an old adage in life that practice makes perfect. While a lot of practice may not make an athlete perfect, it is imperative to success. Practice is where winning begins. Through repetitive drills, skills are honed and game strategy mastered.

The underlying idea for coaches and team leaders is to try to make the players want to practice. When a team is motivated at practice, it should invariably equate into success on the field. Sure, talent and skill have a lot to do with the outcome of sporting events, but players who are not motivated to practice hard, rarely succeed.

Practice may not always equate to perfect play, but it’s how games are won. It’s common sense that if the players aren’t prepared to succeed, the team will ultimately fail as well. Sports teams always insist that players show up for practice.

However, hours of lackluster practice time, usually shows up on game-day in a lackluster, losing performance. Teams that are highly motivated to practice will be the most successful teams on the scoreboard.

The first step in motivating anyone is to impress upon them that they have a chance to be successful. In sports, that means giving the team an honest sense they can win. Once a team realizes that winning is possible, they can be motivated to work hard and practice hard to achieve success.