To achieve high levels of success in leadership, it is necessary to keep a clear head at all times. This requires at least three main qualities:

  1. Focusing on high-value outcomes
  2. Empowering others to perform at peak efficiency
  3. Maintaining balance in other areas of life


1. Focus on Tasks That Really Matter

Many leaders today are stuck in tired old patterns of leadership that lost their effectiveness many years ago. For instance, they waste time and money on unnecessary meetings at all levels within the organization.

While it’s true, in business, that upper management needs to know what is happening throughout the company, it doesn’t mean that all that information needs to be reported using outdated methods with meetings upon meetings. Surely today’s technology can streamline the reporting process without requiring hundreds of man-hours in meetings every month.

Effective leaders cut through the inefficiencies and focus on the tasks that directly impact the organization’s profitability.


2. Empower Others to Solve Problems Themselves

One of the biggest mistakes many leaders make is that they try to do everything themselves. They get so caught up in being the leader and making all the decisions themselves that they quickly become overwhelmed. Along the way, their team also becomes frustrated because they aren’t trusted to make any decisions themselves or take action without approval.

Effective leadership involves both delegation and trust. The best leaders make sure that their teams get the training, resources, and freedom they need, and then those leaders get out of the way and let their others do the job.


3. Maintain a Healthy Work/Life Balance

Keeping a clear head is very difficult to do when the rest of one’s life is out of balance. To achieve peak performance in any situation, it is necessary to give attention to other areas of life, such as physical health and family life. When these areas are suffering, the damage often carries over into other aspects of our lives as well. 

Some simply try to compartmentalize the different aspects of their lives by leaving their personal problems at home. That sounds good in theory, but ignoring those personal problems is not the same thing as resolving them. Nobody can be successful at work while their personal life and health are falling apart — at least not for long. So take care of all aspects of life and see what a difference it makes.