Coaches tend to start out as players and then slowly work their way up to become leaders of a team. You may be a player who is thinking of stepping up as a coach. Whether you would like to pursue coaching as a hobby or professionally, there are a few simple steps to take to see if you are cut out to be a coach.


For Fun

The best place to test the water to see if you enjoy coaching or not is to start with a kid’s team. There is not a lot of pressure because most of them are there to have fun and you do not have to have the full responsibility of coaching an older team that means demand more of you. Teaching young children how to play a sport also helps with your communication as a leader. It also is a great resource to gain skills in adapting your communication skill set. It is also a fun experience to teach children a sport and for them to get all of their energy out on the field.



Whether they are ex-competitors, parents, educators or fans that just love the sport, they all have a passion for coaching the sport. Volunteering as a coach can be fun but it can also be time-consuming. If you are interested in taking on older team and wanting to get paid for it, you must build your resume as a coach. Coaches come from a wide array of areas of experience. Join in a club or school environment so your skills can develop and you can adapt different coaching styles.There are also coaching courses that you can take that many national coaches entities run.

As well, have a clear idea of what level you are looking to teach at. If teaching students at a middle school or high school level is what you feel more passionate about, get a degree in education or in physical education. In addition to knowing what level you want to coach at, know what sport you would like to coach.

Education is a key part of becoming a coach at a high school or collegiate level. As well, becoming a college athletic coach is a competitive field to get a job in. Not only do you have to have a strong network of people in the field, you have to have the strong skill set and leadership to make it as a collegiate level coach.