Getting an athletic scholarship is the dream of most students playing high school sports. There just simply is nothing better than getting a free education while playing a beloved game. While it can vary slightly based on the sport, all colleges recruit players from the high school in a similar fashion. Knowing exactly what to expect during the recruitment process will make it much easier to accomplish the ultimate goal.

Colleges will start the recruitment process by contacting a large group of high school athletes they are interested in having on their team. This initial contact will start will a few letters to engage a player’s interest before it leads up to an invitation to a special training camp. These camps are the perfect place for a high school player to show off their skills. A Division 1 school will often work with a few lower level schools in these camps to give the athletes a chance to impress multiple coaches.

The college coaches will use what they see at the recruiting camps and videotapes of in-game action to evaluate the high school players. They will drastically narrow their list of potential scholarship players based on this information. The coaches will continue to evaluate players throughout the season. If a high school player has shown a lot of promise, then the coach will spend some time watching them practice and play in person.

The coaches will want to get to know their potential players before offering scholarships. This is done by visiting the home and talking to the family. If everything goes well during the home visit, then the coach will invite the player on an official campus visit. The high school athlete will basically live as a college student for a weekend as they see exactly what it is like to play sports at the school. The entire recruitment process will end with college coaches giving scholarship offers to their favorite players.

It is now up to the high school athlete to decide where they want to play. This choice is rather easy if they received one scholarship offer, but it can be extremely difficult if there are multiple offers. Once a decision has been made, the athlete will sign the National Letter of Intent to commit to a college program.