There is a clear difference between what an authentic leader and an efficient manager. A leader inspires a group with empowerment while a manager looks to create cohesion and efficiency between a group. CEOs take on much of a leadership position within a company, making executive decisions for the direction of a company while managers look to oversee specific segments of a business.


CEO’s Leadership

A CEO is not always focused on the minute details that each employee carries out on a day to day basis. They are much more focused on the big picture and the overall trajectory of their company. A CEO basis their leadership upon what their overall company’s goals are. A study in 2010 conducted by IBM showed that 60 percent of respondents listed that creativity is one of the most important qualities of a CEO, followed by integrity and global thinking. Creativity and global thinking are rarely requirements for a managerial position, hence why true leaders are often CEOs. CEO and global business coach, Jonathan Farrington believes that integrity, decisiveness and a genuine interest in people are the core of a leader in a CEO position.


CEO Leader v. Manager

When a manager is exhibiting leadership qualities, it is normal for a short-term or reflective of the tasks that are in front of them. Managers are more likely to be aware of daily functions of an office or a company. While the overall direction of the company is discussed with the CEO, shareholders, and other company elites.


Why Both Are Important

It is also important to remember that a business can not function without both managers and leaders. There are individuals are are inherently more skilled in leadership positions while some flourish more in managerial positions. Leadership is essential for any CEO position for a company to not only survive but to thrive and grow towards their goals. A manager is designed to maintain the status quo of a group of people are to get smaller groups to work towards the goals set by the CEO. Both are necessary but only leaders can effectively create, set and achieve goals within an organization.