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Tim Moser is the Assistant Basketball Coach and Recruiting Coordinator for the Division I program at his Alma Mater of Colorado State University. During his time with CSU, he has helped lead the school to four consecutive conference titles: one in the NCAA and three in the WNIT. Additionally, through his recruiting efforts the school has acquired a number of star members including three Conference player of the years, 11 All-Conference players, a freshman of the year, a 6th man of the year, the Tournament MVP, and 15 Academic All-Conference players.

Prior to his current position, Tim Moser was Head Coach of Alaska Anchorage University’s women’s basketball program. There, too, he was a highly successful recruiter, convincing 6 Academic All-Americans, 21 Academic All-West Region players, 31 Academic All-Conference players, 5 All-Americans, and 15 All-Conference players, and four Great Alaska Shootout Champions to join the team. He was also in charge of a $650,000 annual budget covering travel, recruiting, scholarships, and personnel costs. He helped the school achieve the winningest DII program, with a 165-32 record. Most importantly, he significantly increased home game attendance.

Other jobs Tim Moser has performed as was Head Coach and Athletic Coordinator of both Men’s and Women’s basketball at Otero Junior College; Assistant Basketball Coach at Eastern Wyoming College, where he also served as Activities Director, Head Golf Coach, and Dorm Director; and Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach at Southern Utah University.

Tim Moser is an experienced public speaker, having given speeches at many booster club meetings and other development-related speaking engagements. He regularly gives on-camera interviews throughout the season, including many pre- and post-game interviews.

Moser received his AA in social sciences at Eastern Wyoming College, and his BA, also in social sciences, at Colorado State University. He earned MAs in Exercise Science & Sport Management and Teaching & Learning at Adams State University and Colorado State University respectively, and is currently working on a PhD in organizational leadership at Concordia University, with the goal of completing it in August 2018.


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